Patient receiving an infusion treatment

In early 2012, co-founder Kim Farley had a vision – to automate benefit investigations for high-cost, physician-administered drugs.  Through her experience in the industry, Kim understood firsthand the challenges that practices and patients face when trying to gain access to life-changing therapies.  Kim took her idea to a Louisville-based software company, and they began building Kim’s vision – and eBlu Solutions was born.

eBlu Solutions was originally conceived as a full-service provider support model, offering comprehensive support through a combination of human services and proprietary technology.  At its core, eBlu provides a single web-based portal that supports real-time Benefit Investigation (BI), Prior Authorization (PA) and manufacturer Co-Pay Assistance programs, and Manufacturer Savings Program workflows.  By automating these services, eBlu solutions is transforming the way medical practices approach the complex processes associated with in-office infusions, mitigating the financial risk for the practice and the patient, and decreasing the time to treat with real-time BI returns.  We believe that eBlu and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ goals are aligned in providing support to help rheumatology practices maintain their independence.

eBlu Solutions provides relief to several entities specialty medicine market: the medical practice, the patient, and the pharmaceutical industry.  We believe that eBlu and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ goals are aligned in providing support for these practices in getting their patients to treatment faster.

eBlu allows provides the following benefits:

  • Increased access to practices and data
  • Lower cost compared to current vendor offering
  • Decreased time to treat
  • Monitoring adherence/compliance
  • Better outcomes and better patient experience
  • One stop look at patient flow through the infusion process
  • Workflow-driven links to other HUB services vendors

eBlu Solutions is focused on the business ecosystem approach providing value through continuous improvement, innovative services, partnering with customers and industry, and technology. We’re excited to have some of the best talents in the software industry providing life-changing solutions for the speciality medicine industry and the patients who benefit so greatly from it.