What We Do

eBlu is your single portal solution for insurance benefits verification, electronic prior authorization, and financial assistance tracking.

Simply put, we’re here to make life easier for you. We help your office reduce turnaround time and protect your practice by providing real-time benefit verifications. When you partner with eBlu, you can say goodbye to multiple portals and long hold times while you wait on the phone with provider services for benefit verification. In fact, you can verify and re-verify in as few as 3 clicks.

Benefits Verification


Real-time speed and accuracy

When it comes to benefits verification, eBlu offers an innovative real-time solution. Our software provides you with fast access to information, including the patient’s coverage status, expected cost share, UM (utilization management) criteria with PA forms and more in one easy-to-read view. We help support patient care and streamlining the process from patient identification to treatment.

eBlu supports 1200+ payers and has processed over 800k benefit verifications to date and we take pride in the fact that providers who use eBlu have experienced an incredibly low appeals rate when using our services.

eBlu Solutions Offers:

  • Electronic Benefits Investigations
  • Connected To Over 1,200 Payers
  • Over 800K Benefits Verifications Processed
  • <1% Appeals Rate

Prior Authorization

Tracking and Monitoring

Struggling with knowing when a prior authorization (PA) or pre-determination (Pre-D) is required?
Can’t find the right prior authorization form?
eBlu can help. We save you valuable time by providing the right payer and product-specific PA form for your patient.

For every patient you enter into our system, we’ll validate whether or not an authorization is required and provide you with the most up-to-date prior authorization form for the prescribed medication from the payer. We provide options for submission to the payer.

Finally, a solution for monitoring and tracking prior authorizations from start to finish all in one portal. We provide views to help you take proactive action for patients with expiring prior authorizations.

eBlu Solutions Offers:

  • PA support
  • Expiring PA Monitoring
  • Proactive Approach to PA Renewals
  • Right Payer, Right Drug, Right Form

Financial Assistance Management


Removing Barriers

If you’re tired of trying to manage Excel spreadsheets, folders and documents, we understand.

Our financial assistance management solution will help rescue you from disorganization with tracking of patient enrollment status. We’ll help you maintain and manage outstanding treatments, as well as notify you that an EOB should be sought out and submitted for payment. Ultimately, this will allow you to always know the amount left on each copay card in one simple solution.

eBlu Solutions Offers:

  • Patient Eligibility for Manufacturer Copay Program
  • Enrollment Support
  • Digital Enrollment Form
  • EOB Tracking Feature

Provider Dashboard

Quick Look Status Update

Never find yourself unsure about the status of a patient missing treatments or being set back by expired prior authorizations again. Leverage the power of capturing your patient data in a single system.  Enjoy reporting and analysis of your practice’s growth and performance at your fingertips.

The eBlu provider dashboard provides a quick look at what’s going on in your patient population from benefit investigation to prior authorization and manufacturer copay card enrollment. You will know exactly when a patient’s prior authorizations are expiring or funds are running low on copay cards, as well as when patients aren’t adhering to their treatments or when appointments are missed. You can easily search for a specific patient or filter the dashboard to find exactly what you are looking for when you need it most.

With built-in reporting, the dashboard is your one-stop shop for monitoring and managing your patient population.

eBlu Solutions Offers:

  • Built in Reporting Feature
  • Work Queue Efficiency
  • Proactive Approach to Managing Patients

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