Specialty Medication
Treatment Ecosystem

In the specialty healthcare medication ecosystem, the goal is to provide the best possible care to patients in an efficient way. eBlu Solutions supports the patient care experience by streamlining the process through a single-portal workflow solution. This solution was designed to keep the process of moving patients from identification to treatment, ID to IV, as efficiently as possible and supporting the continuation of that treatment. That means more time focusing on what matters: the patient care experience and positive outcomes.

Simplify the Process

eBlu was created through direct office management experience with a thorough understanding of the challenges healthcare providers face. Our software streamlines the processes needed for practices to support In-Office Infusion (IOI) services to their patients.

We also understand the financial risk a provider takes on to provide the highest level of IOI patient care. eBlu’s workflow solution helps mitigate risk and simplify processes, leading to more efficient care for patients.

eBlu Solutions Offers…

Technology Built for Specialty Practices

eBlu Solutions has worked hard to provide a no-cost single portal software solution built specifically for healthcare providers specializing in-office infusion and injection therapies. Our goal is to help you and your patients by leveraging technology for better patient outcomes.  You can finally streamline your internal Benefits Investigation and Prior Authorization tasks so you can get back to focusing on your patients and growing your practice. eBlu Solutions can help you:

  • Receive most BI’s in 60 seconds or less

  • Achieve PA’s 4-6 weeks faster

  • Track expiring Prior Authorizations

  • Manage Benefits Investigation, Prior Authorization and Manufacturer Savings Programs